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Pre cleaning

Our milling process consists of several quality assured steps to ensure the final output is of high quality. When the raw paddy comes to the mill it contains straw, weed seeds, soil and other materials. We firstly clean these before hulling upto a 99%.


Then, we move on to removing the husk from rough paddy rice by suction and transport to a storage dump. Husk accounts for 20% of the total paddy weight and in this process about 90% of the husk will be eliminated.

Afterwards, we boil these cleaned and de-husked rice preserving its nutritional value and protein content towards. We carefully observe and monitor our entire milling plant to entrust the hygienic and quality aspect on every step we take until packaging.


Storage Facility

WHG Mills ensures our storage facilities provide maximum storage conditions for the rice grain to prevent any kind of damage caused due to adverse weather, moisture, insects and microorganisms. We store our rice in the form of paddy because the paddy husk naturally provides some safeguard against insects and also prevents deterioration.

The rice grain moisture will eventually change when it is exposed to the surrounding air. This is your food that we protect in our storage facilities and our staff takes all hygienic precautions to maintain the humidity conditions inside. Especially, that we use gigantic silos to store the paddy harvest, which excludes the air and controls the humidity.

WHG Mills storage systems include

  • Protection from insects, rodents and birds.
  • Ease of loading and unloading.
  • Efficient use of space.
  • Ease of maintenance and management.
  • Prevention of moisture re-entering the grain after drying.

We directly purchase paddy from the farmers offering them the best value for money without any intermediary parties being involved. Therefore, we purely take the responsibility of the rice grain we bring to your plate after the production until the packaging process at our safe storage facilities.


Rice & Milling

Efficient & Effective

Rice Milling Technology

The entire process of rice milling is set up to achieve the final objective of removing the husk and bran layers of the harvested paddy. The milling yield and the quality of the rice entirely depends on the advanced technology and the skilled labour involved in the milling process.

The rice grain should be transformed for human consumption and therefore, it should be done with proper care, hygiene to prevent breakage of the kernel.

Since ancient times there has been a method our local women have done in-house milling through hand pounding. Hand pounding preserved the nutrient value compared to the machine milling that we do in the present.

Our milling process includes multiple stages and we use the modern technology from countries like China and India to reduce the mechanical stresses heat built up within the grain. This heat and stress that builds within the grain might cause grain breakage. Our milling process is carefully built to;

  • Produce edible rice that is sufficiently milled and free of husk, stones and other waste.
  • Maximize the total milled rice yield.

Important Steps of our process

  • Cleaning the paddy
  • De-husking
  • Destoner
  • Whiteners and polishers
  • Grading and blending
  • Remove uncolored rice using the color separators
  • Sifter
  • Bagging or packaging