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Our Values

Your satisfaction is the reason which underpins all that we do. May it be the daily rice consumers, farmers, secondary food producers or the general public – your satisfaction is what matters to WHG Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd.

We work constantly in improving the taste, nutritional context and the wide range of product varieties. Nevertheless, we continuously commit towards honouring the ancient history and culture behind the paddy farming in Sri Lanka. Even during the entire milling process and packaging we work towards improving the standards and implementing sustainable best practices.

We strongly believe that the farmers of Tissamaharama are the foundation of WHG Mills Pvt. Ltd. and it is their dedication and struggle with the earth that keeps us all alive.

Use of

Rice Husk Fertilization

Rice husk is considered a byproduct in the rice milling process at a rate of 20% of mass fraction of paddy. Our large-scale parboiling and milling process factories generate a considerable amount of husk. The same rice husk is primarily consumed for steam production in the parboiling process at our mills and yet leaves a further excess. These husks further turned into ash and are used as a soil enhancer for the farming.

The most important factor of this waste material is that it contains about 30%-50% of organic carbon. It has the highest proportion of silica above all other plant residues. Rather than consuming the chemical fertilizer we promote this carbon rich rice husk to our farmers in the area for a hygienic harvest.

More & more

Rice Husk for Biofuel

The rice husk which is a waste material from the milling process at our factories are not released to the environment as leftovers. Other than for the high carbon percentage, rice husk also has a high heat value which could be alternatively used to generate fuel, heat or electricity through different bioprocesses.

Due to this unique quality of rice husk we provide the rice husk waste to other factories to be used as biofuel which is fully environment friendly than any other fuel.