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Welcome to the largest high-quality rice production chain from the Southern Province of Sri Lanka....

WHG Rice Mills Pvt Ltd. processing fully hygienic and export quality rice to the entire nation.

With a wide range of rice types, processed from the most sought out premium raw rice in Sri Lanka - WHG Rice Mills Pvt Ltd. proves excellence through the technological improvements introduced on the rice milling process.

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Our Journey

Our story dates back three decades of a dedicated vision, commitment to the consumers and empowering souls of the Sri Lankan paddy cultivation industry standing as the pioneer in rice milling at the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Back in the days, WHG Rice Mills initiated the operations with two members of staff only but has currently grown and upgraded to a major establishment providing employment at over two mega scale rice mills in Sri Lanka.

Our continuous mission is to provide hygienic and high quality boiled and raw rice to the world through the latest advanced technological process.

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Famous Tissamaharama Red Raw Rice

Tissamaharama, situated in the southern province of Sri Lanka is renowned for the healthiest red raw rice cultivated in the enriched southern soil. The region holds an inheritance for paddy cultivation since the ancient kings who had even dedicated their blood brothers into paddy cultivation in this region at their time of reign.

For the past few decades Tissamaharama rice producers have been actively committing in the cultivation and production of red raw rice. After entering rice milling in Sri Lanka, WHG Mills changed the game, starting to produce boiled red nadu rice at Tissamaharama.

The farmers of the region have shown immense support towards our goal in harvesting all types of paddy in Tissamaharama. With the cooperation of the people at Tissamaharama we have now been able to encourage more farmers to produce rice for WHG Mills to keep continuous production and supply to the entire nation.


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Rice in Sri Lanka

Rice is the most prominent crop in Sri Lanka which occupies more than 34% of the total cultivation grounds in Sri Lanka. During the Maha season an average of 560,000 hectares of land and during the Yala season approximately 310,000 hectares of land is cultivated for paddy. As a community, there are about 1.8 million families directly and indirectly dependent on the paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka.

According to the most recent statistics obtained from the irrigation department of Sri Lanka. The local farmers produce 2.7 million tons of rice which satisfies 95% of the country’s consumption.

Considering the average daily utilization by a Sri Lankan, rice completes 45% of the total calorie intake and 40% of the daily protein gain. The demand for rice is increasing by 1% every year but the rice production is expected to grow at the rate of 2.9% per year to suffice that growing need.

Most consumers are unaware of the sweat, blood, time and patience a farmer commits in producing 1kg of rice. That is only accounted at Rs. 8.57 per kg. With the loss of lands to commercialization and decreasing number of labour migrating to cities for industrial jobs have resulted in this production target a total challenge as a country.