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Rice is part of Sri Lanka’s culture. A sacred life source which has a spiritual bond with the people’s culture. The majority of the people consume rice in some form, mostly three times a day. WHG Mills, understanding these cultural values and aspects of the population in consuming pure and hygienic rice – preserves our responsibility towards you to protect your plate of rice.

We currently produce 9 different varieties of rice including the customized nadu rice packs. Let us take you through a journey of the different types of rice we produce for the nation. And the best is yet to come!

    Raw Rice

  • White Raw / Sudu Kekulu

    White Raw rice is mainly made out of the aged Nadu paddy and is a famous breakfast rice in Sri Lanka. The milky taste and the pure white colour says it all. The rice is not boiled and is high in protein and energy.

  • Red Raw / Rathu Kekulu

    Made with the long grain red paddy. The unpolished red colour of this rice indicates the high anti-oxidant and micro nutritious content in it. If you are ready to opt out for a much healthy low GI diet, Red Raw is the rice.

  • Keeri Samba

    Made with the much aged raw keeri samba paddy without being boiled. The grain is much smaller and thinner than the other rice variants. Rich in fibre and also has a comparatively low GI.

  • Red Samba

    The famous red coloured unpolished samba is full of minerals and vitamins. The colour and the type indicates that the kernel consists of anthocyanin. One high demand rice for all the good reasons, including the taste.

    Parboiled / Steamed Rice

  • Red Nadu

    The commonly consumed Sri Lankan rice famed since the ancestors for the taste with local dishes and low GI. The ancient locals loved Red Nadu for the rich fibre and minerals to enhance their strength. Best rice to refer to a diabetes patient or potential diabetes would be Red Nadu.

  • White Nadu

    Medium in its size and low GI. A perfect alternative for you who does not want red rice for a low GI meal.

  • Steam Samba

    Samba is a short grain with a 1:1 ratio in its size. The high levels of amylopectin make steamed samba a bit stickier and tastier, differently. One of the best aromatic rice to enlighten the taste buds.

  • Steam Keeri samba

    Steam Keeri Samba has a way higher GI index than ordinary Samba and Nadu rice. The flavour is distinctive and due to the high GI you can be full consuming a small portion.

  • Koora

    Same as white nadu rice, but the difference is rice shape and length is a bit higher than white nadu rice. Cooking methods and usual nutrition are the same as both.

  • Special WHG Golden Nadu (Ran Sahal)

    The red rice grown in the ancient Tissamaharama City with the use of organic and high quality seeds descending from the ancient times using organic fertilizers, using the best technology to remove all impurities and turn them into steamed rice. Compared to other rice, it is high in quality and contains less sugar. Doctors have recommended that the rice variety can be eaten as a medicine for diabetes, heart diseases and many other diseases.

    Traditiona Raw Rice

  • Suwandel Rice

    Suwandel is an heirloom variety cultivated organically with traditional rainfed methods in the southern lowlands of Sri Lanka & also known to contain higher amounts of glutamic acid and higher concentrations of vitamins than other more common rice varieties.

  • Kurulu Thuda

    Kuruluthuda rice (Oryza sativa) comes from a word meaning ‘bird’s beak’, and is a delectable and nutritious red rice variety, rich in proteins and fiber.

  • Kalu Heeneti

    Kalu heenati rice is high in minerals, zinc and iron content. This is a nutritious source of food for lactating mothers & highly recommended for cholesterol, diabetics and diarrhea patients.


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